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Things to do

Today is the second day of the Cultural Alkyonides in Komotene (they are cultural events that our youth community organizes) which is of course very awesome. But what is more awesome is that Leonidas and I finally managed to get everything ready for the movie "festival" of the community. That means that today, tomorrow and on Monday we will watch 9 movies: three german movies today, three spanish movies tomorrow and three italian movies on Monday. We even managed to hang the "screen". Ok so the circumstances aren't the best but hey we only were given the equipment on Thursday so we had to make things as best as we could in so little time.

On Wednesday we have the first-year elections, something that only happens in this university in Greece which of course means that the school will be closed on that day. It will also be closed on Tuesday because supposedly we, first-years, should be informed for said elections. I so loved the greek way: there is always an excuse to escape work!

On Friday the youth community will have a book exhibition (or whatever it is called). From Friday to Sunday we will hold it in a cafeteria (!) and then for 2 days in Law School.

Finally on December, 9th it's the 60th anniversary for the treaty against genocide and on 10th for the UN declaration of human rights. Therefore we'll do something to honor those anniversaries with the local team of Amnesty International. Unfortunately (at least from that point of view) I leave on the 10th for Athens. I'll be getting back to Komotene again after the Christmas holidays. That's because I have "won" a scholarship and I have to go all the way to Athens to shake hands with the president of the institute. Anyway. That's a very good chance to see my father and my friends in Athens!

Ok, in this list of "things-to-do" I have forgotten one thing. The University of Macedonia (the greek region not the country) is organizing a simulation of a UN, an EU and a NATO conference in April in which our school takes part. Our professor in International Organisations called us to participate and on December 2nd another professor of International Law will inform us on this. I am thinking of taking part but I haven't decided yet... We'll see.

Finally, due to all those things along with my german and french lessons and of course my lessons at the school (though I have stopped attending many of them) have started making my life quite stressful. I was talking to two of my friends the other day, Marialiki and Christiana, and it came down to this: even if any of us had any proposals to go out someone we wouldn't have time to put that too in our schedule. Or we'd be too tired... lol! Which makes it quite good that we don't have proposals. At least me. That way I won't have to choose between all those things that I really like and someone.

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