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Civil Law

I finally finished studying-that means I quit studying-at 6 in the morning and I had to wake up at 10 to go to my french lesson. I studied the last chapter merely half an hour before I went to the school but apparently it was enough because even though 2 out of 3 questions had something to do with the last chapter, I *think* I answered those parts correctly. I also got the theoretical question right-at least for the most part... Now if you ask me I believe that maybe I stand a chance in passing but it will require a certain amound of leniency from the professor marking my paper...

Alright maybe I'm a little mad at myself for forgetting to add further things to the questions-even though I answered them I realize that I should have written some more things, that only came to me now! Thank the gods for Slipknot! Right now I'm listening to their cd, imagining myself throwing knives at my professors (because it wouldn't do to imagine myself throwing knives at myself). I have a little problem deciding who of them to stab first though...I leaning towards Panagopoulo but Chelidonis would do just as well...

This evening I'm going to watch Milk with Marialiki (Christiana refuses to go to the movies-she says she won't give 8 euros to watch a movie!) and then we're going out. The next exam is on the 4th, International Organisations, and for once I won't complain-because I love that subject. In fact it is my favorite out of the 7 that I had this semester.

I think I'll go take a shower or a nap in a while... Maybe both...


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