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Busy programme

Wow, today's been a busy day! I had 7 hours at the university, French and German and then I came home only to remember I had to go to the youth community to take some poems that we have to read. On Friday I have to give them to Maria-Aliki, a girl from the community, so I should probably have already started reading. As you can obviously figured, I haven't. So, once I got there, the theatrical group of the community had a "meeting" so I stayed there too, to see how it was.
In the morning I nearly missed the bus of 8:30 because I couldn't wake up! 7:30 just is too early for me now! Those school days seem like memories from the distant past. Even from a previous life! I could see the bus starting to leave so I crossed the street, almost getting myself killed and ran after it, waving my hands desperetely in the air. Thankfully the driver (wonderful guy, by the way) saw me and opened the door! There was a bitch from Greek studies there in the front that tried to tell me that I couldn't come in because the bus was full, but there clearly was enough space not only for one person but for five! So I entered and stood right in front of her, making her press like a sardine between two other girls! Mwahahaha!
Anyway, I am exhausted now, not to mention hungry, since I've only had a sandwich all day long and all there is in my house to eat is apples (which I don't want right now). And tomorrow is going to be a difficult day. I start at 9:20 and I finish at 20:00. The youth party of the Greek communist party has invited the ambassador of Cuba tomorrow evening and I would like to go there, there's going to be a celebration, with latin music and drinks after that too, but most probably I'm going to be too tired. Besides I have to read the poems.

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