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Demetra visited

*sigh* It's been a busy week... Well, not all week, just the last 3 days... Demetra came on Friday (apparently I can still be very convincing when I want) and we had a great time! We watched more movies than I had watched in two months and we went for our traditional marathon coffee (when you order a coffee and it takes you 5+ hours to drink it!-that's why I love being Greek sometimes) and we had that goofy smile plastered on our faces all the time! Except when we spent 1 hour trying to find our way home in the cold (9 degrees Celcious)... I thought she was going to murder me then... Anyway, we also watched the Baader-Meinhof Complex, it was a great film in my opinion. On Monday since it was national holiday and I didn't have classes we went to Xanthi so that Demetra would see the city but we ended up spending our time there drinking coffee and playing backgammon, uno or monopoly... And later in the evening Demetra left. Stupid girl, I told her she should stay longer, but she didn't want to miss her Spanish lesson. Oh well.
The rest of the week except for Tuesday was very busy. Especially Thursday: I left on 9 in the morning and came home at 23:15! But I'm not complaining, I'm doing things that I like...

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