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Law Studies & Exams-Tax Law

One down, at least 3 to go (because I don't know if I will sit History of Law or Constitutional History)! So Tax Law wasn't as easy as they told us but still it was easy... I think. We got three "practical" tax issues and we had to do the first and then choose between the other two. I have already found one mistake (or better say "big theoretical omission"). There was this law that said that there is a 2% tax on some kinds of products and it is paid by the customer. And the question was "what is the subject of the tax". I-always the practical one, too practical for my own good, in fact-answered that since the customer is the one that pays the tax, then the customer is the subject of the tax. In fact I should have answered that the shop is the de jure subject of the law (meaning that they are the ones that will take the money and then give it to the state) but the customer is the de facto subject (since, as I answered, its his/her money that pay the tax). I don't know if she-like the bitch she is-will count my answer as completely or partially wrong. But if you ask me, law is supposedly a theoretical field of studies, but in truth what counts is the practicallity and the ability to see things with a realistic, cold, measuring way. (like I do :P) And in this subject, if ever you need to use this kind of (useless in my opinion) piece of knowledge, the thing that's gonna matter is whose money pay! That being said, I really think that she has every right to  count my answer as completely wrong.
Anyway, since I know that this rambling doesn't interest anyone-not even me- I will only say that I think that I will have something like a 6/10, but you never know. Oh well, there's always September.

It's Introduction to Law Studies (what we call Civil Law-even though there are only some things of Civil Law in there) on Thursday: 243 pages of blood, sweat and tears. Honestly, this subject is really important. It's-along with Constitutional Law-the most important of the first semester. And I don't understand a word. Not that I've tried. I find it totally boring and as usual I have left it for the last minute, which can probably guarantee me that I will fail. And-worse-the exams are in 9 in the morning! I couldn't pass if I were awake, how am I going to pass when i'm taking the exams (half-)asleep?! But then the next subject is International Organisations on February 4th. I love that subject! And I think that I will pass given that I haven't missed almost no lesson-I was so entusiastic about it!

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