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7 November 1990
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Bio? Well, since it's asking for a bio, I guess it won't hurt to write some things...


Well, I'm Dimitra and I'm Greek. I was raised on one of Greece's godforsaken islands, Lesvos, and currently I live in another of its godforsaken regions, Komotini, where I study law. You could say that law suits me-I'm a very good liar, I'm as cynical and realistic as it goes and I tend to be very passionate about what I think is right (or what I in any case support) which means that I will not give up until I prove my point/do whatever I want to do.

Passions & Dreams:

One of my biggest passions is history-I'm a total history freak, so don't get me started on any historical subject unless you enjoy talking about the political structures in Mesopotamia or the social life and structure in 13th century Europe for hours over a cup of coffee in mostly empty cafeterias with the rain pouring outside... Personally that's my idea of a perfect afternoon.
I tend to get obsessed with things in a scary way-I pour my heart and soul in my obsessions-but it doesn't last long. After a while I get totally bored and go ahead to get obsessed to something new.
The obsession and hobby that has lasted longer than anything is my love for books, for written speech. I love to read, and although sometimew I give the impression that I read shit like fantasy books without anything thought-provoking (my mother's opinion about fantasy books, not mine), in truth I am a very demanding reader.
My dreams for the future include travelling around the world, esp in what they call developing or *snorts at term* third world countries. If the country's name end with -an (eg Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan) then it definitely is somewhere on the top of my to-visit list. I am particularly fascinated by the history and traditions and traditional way of living in those places-in fact I am totally fascinated by anything that seems exotic. Therefore I have a better-than-many (and still worse than I want) knowledge of Geography.

Occasional Obsessions:

(Apart from history and geography), politics, fantasy fiction, music (mostly alternative and all kinds of rock), lost, prison break, trivial pursuit, monopoly, linkin park, muse, travelling, foreign languages, coffee, literature, philosophy and (of course) the zodiacs (:P) ...